The Pharma-Mafia     


 Physicians and patients in the stranglehold of pharmaceutical industry 

The book "Pharma-Mafia" by Dr. h.c. Peter Echevers H. puts the machinations of the Pharma industry unadorned at the pillory. From most different sources and on the basis of research for many years the chapters string themselves together and point out, in which actual situation the health of each one of us all is. How credible are the announcements about new diseases, how useful or life-threatening are the new vaccinations? What is to be thought of medicines that are supposed to replace time-honored ones? Is it still about the patient or is it exclusively about satisfying the greed of the big corporations, by whatever means? Ruthless, drastic and revealing a reality that no one wants to admit. Invented epidemics, falsified statistics - never for the benefit of the sick, but always for the benefit of shareholders and pharmaceutical managers. 





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